Hector Molina

Hector Molina

Hector Molina is a bilingual Catholic speaker and apologist with more than 20 years’ experience in pastoral leadership. Hector pursued theological studies at St. John's University in Queens, New York, while serving as pastoral associate in his native diocese of Brooklyn. He moved on to serve for six years as director of Hispanic ministry for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, where he also founded and directed the Office for the New Evangelization. In 2009, Hector launched his own full-time speaking apostolate through which he ministered to tens of thousands at Catholic events throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. In 2012, Hector joined Catholic Answers, where he serves as an apologist and speaker. He specializes in parish missions, evangelization workshops, apologetics seminars, and Catholic conferences in both English and Spanish. Hector has a reputation as a passionate and articulate expositor of the Catholic Faith who inspires the faithful to a deeper love for Christ and his Church.

Featured Talks

Why Be Catholic?

Why should we embrace Catholicism when so many in our society hold that all religions are essentially the same? In other words, why be Catholic when you could be anything else? Hector explores the scriptural, historical, and practical reasons for being Catholic in an age of religious indifferentism.


Apologetics 101

Do you know how to confidently answer questions about the Catholic Faith and counter common objections to it? Hector leads participants through the fundamentals of Catholic apologetics with an eye toward more effectively sharing, explaining, and defending the Catholic Faith.


Evangelizing in the Power of the Holy Spirit

As Christians we know that Jesus called and formed his disciples to make disciples of all nations. Sadly, not all Catholics recognize that by virtue of their baptism and confirmation they have been appointed to evangelize. Hector lays out a compelling theology of evangelization and equips Catholics to embrace their call to share Christ with others.

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“Hector is an exceptionally gifted communicator of the gospel and teacher of the Catholic Faith who, with remarkable dynamism and fidelity to the truth, proclaims the message of the New Evangelization. Having worked closely with Hector during my time as archbishop of St. Louis, I can attest to the unquestionable competence and ardent Christian love with which he serves the Church.”

— His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, Vatican City


“Hector has always impressed me with his unique combination of apostolic zeal for souls and his comprehensive knowledge of Scripture and Catholic teaching. I have witnessed Hector's rhetorical abilities, in both English and Spanish, on numerous occasions. He is able to connect with the hearts and minds of his audiences, offering them in a winsome and compelling way the message of Jesus Christ—one that is content-rich, biblically grounded, and solidly orthodox.”

— Patrick Madrid, author, radio host, and publisher of Envoy Magazine


“Hector is a passionate Catholic evangelist with a desire and the ability to effectively explain and defend the Catholic Faith. Give him a chance to address a conference and watch the crowd come alive with his biblical exhortation and rousing style of teaching. And with Hector there is a double blessing, because he speaks English and Spanish with equal fluency. With the rapidly growing Hispanic population, Hector can inspire both groups with ease."

— Steve Ray, author and apologist

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