Catholic Answers National Conference 2017


6/14/17 6:30 PM Tim Staples Catholic Answers to Common Objections
6/28/17 6:30 PM Karlo Broussard Your Truth, My Truth: How to Understand and Refute Relativistic Thinking
7/11/17 7:00 PM Chris Check From Hernan Cortes to Our Lady of Guadalupe
7/25/17 7:00 PM Cy Kellett Five Great Deceptions we face Today (and what we can do about them)
7/30/17 6:00 PM Cy Kellett Christ and Joan of Arc
8/8/17 7:00 PM Tim Staples The Communion of Saints in the Lives of Christians
8/22/17 7:00 PM Karlo Broussard Miracles: God's Light in the Darkness of Unbelief