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Jason Angelette

Chastity Speaker

Jason Angelette received his Masters degree in Theological Studies from the John Paul II Institute on studies of Marriage and Family at Catholic University in Washington D.C. His ministry experience includes high school campus ministry, as well as teaching theology at the high school and university level. Jason intermittently travels in an international Catholic theater company known as Theophany, performing “The Jeweler’s Shop,” a play written by John Paul II. He also speaks at youth festivals, conferences, and retreats nationwide.

When Jason is not ministering to youth, he devotes himself to strengthening marriages as the Director of Faith and Marriage at Willwoods Community. He is also the co-host for a weekly television program on WLAE entitled Issues & Faith. Jason’s deep love for teenagers combined with his passion, humor, and life experiences make him a great presenter for teens regarding chastity and the Theology of the Body. He and his wife, Elise, live in Louisiana with their three children.

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