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How to Win an Argument Without Losing a Soul

Matt Fradd

My new DVD How to Win an Argument Without Losing a Soul is now available for purchase!

The short clips below will give you an idea of what you’ll learn from the talk.

The DVD is packed with bonus features, including a free study guide, as well as a half hour discussion with convert and apologist Jimmy Akin on how to evangelize our non-Catholic friends.

Here’s what Dr. Andrew Beards, director of philosophy at the Maryvale Institute had to say about it:

That great master of Catholic apologetics G.K. Chesterton once remarked, “The thing I hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a discussion.”

By ‘argument’ here Chesterton meant an emotionally charged spat and by ‘discussion’ he meant a dialogue between persons in which we encourage each other to use our God-given reason to come to know the true, the good and the beautiful.

The difference between the two, and the way to foster the latter and avoid the former, are the themes of this new and highly engaging DVD by Matt Fradd and the Catholic Answers team.

With the enthusiasm, humour and wisdom which have made Matt Fradd a Catholic apologist of international renown, the DVD How to Win an Argument without Losing a Soul is a lesson in the authentic rhetoric of Catholic apologetics.

Beginning with a discussion of a few basic rules of logical argument, Matt then takes his audience through some logical fallacies to avoid in presenting reasons for the faith and places these points about reason in the wider context of the ways in which we should engage others, not in order to score points, but in order to bring souls to the Lord.

With captivating and highly entertaining stories from his own experiences in Catholic apologetics, Matt shares with us how we need to invoke the Holy Spirit’s aid in order to grow in the natural and supernatural virtues.

For, as he teaches us, it is only by understanding apologetics within the holistic vision of our call to personal holiness that we can use our reason with a wisdom that is sensitive to the individuals who God chooses for us to encounter.

– Dr. Andrew Beards, Ph.D., Ph.D (Pont.).


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