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“Catholic Answers Live” Undergoing Change

Effective today for the unforeseen future, Catholic Answers Live will no longer be directly answering questions about the Catholic Faith. Having answered every possible objection to the Faith over 16 years of daily shows, we have decided as an apostolate to go in a different direction: celebrity news.

This will upset some of our supporters and we understand that. But we want to go out to the peripheries, as Pope Francis has recommended, and engage the celebrity culture. Not to proselytize nor to indulge in idle gossip, but to get the real story behind the headlines. Who is the real Kim Kardashian? What is the relationship like now between Miley Cyrus and her father, Billy Ray? Is Lady Gaga sinning by wearing a meat garment during concerts that fall on Fridays of Lent? Was Justin Bieber ever baptized? Were Selena Gomez and Beyonce separated at birth?

We strongly feel that a change in emphasis will draw many new readers of our books and listeners to the show itself. We will retain the name Catholic Answers Live, because changing that would be crazy. Please send comments and concerns about the new change to [email protected]


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