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An Interview with Governor Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal chose not to go to Harvard for medicine nor to Yale for law, although both universities had accepted him. Instead, he went to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and majored in political science. A convert to the Catholic Faith from Hinduism, Jindal has found a way to integrate the full truth about Christ into his duties as a public servant.

He was twice elected to Congress and has been the governor of Louisiana since 2008. On June 24, he entered the race to become president of the United States.

In this Catholic Answers Focus podcast, Jindal talks about the role of faith in public life, why he doesn’t like hyphenated ethnic labels, and what it’s like dealing with running for president filtered and interpreted—and often snubbed—by the mainstream media. Something you didn’t know about Bobby Jindal: he penned a terrific essay on the Oxford Movement in the September 1994 issue of This Rock, the precursor to Catholic Answers Magazine.

Listen to the interview in the player below:

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