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Pro-Life Open Forum

Do you consider the unborn human fetus a person?

Even though abortion is wrong under Catholic teaching, we also cannot limit other people’s free will under the law. So how can you justify making it illegal under the law?

Why is in vitro fertilization morally objectionable?

How do you respond to the pro-choice argument that “It’s my body and I can do what I want to it”?

Are you familiar with a proposed bill in the Senate (s1696) (The Women’s Health Protection Act) that will strike down pro-life protections in all fifty states? 

How come I never hear this issue talked about in a homily? Are seminarians taught to preach about pro-life issues?

What is the Church’s stance on couples who are having trouble conceiving? What kind of treatment is acceptable? Fertility drugs? Artificial insemination? What would be objectionable?

If someone has ALS and go on a respirator to breathe and later down the line wants to take themselves off the machine, is that considered suicide?


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