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If the Eucharist wipes away venial sins, and I attend confession immediately afterwards just to obtain the graces of the sacrament, should I confess those sins again. What would I say?

If there is a Dominican priest who wants to perform an exorcism and the bishop of the diocese says no, however, the Dominican superior is asking him to do this, who does he answer to? Who has the ultimate say?

What is the significance of the institution of the Eucharist at the Lord’s Supper?

I am worried about where we stand as Catholics in the western world in regards to the genocide of Christians in Iraq. I would like some opinions in regards to what we are supposed to do.

Why is Hollywood not making good movies anymore?

Was Teolard DeChardin a heretic? Did he believe in original sin and did he believe in Adam and Eve?

Why do different films and artists depict the nails on Jesus’ hands and feet, on different places (i.e. some have the nails in the center of the palm, whereas some have them on the wrist)?

What is the church’s definition of “mystery” (Talking about the Eucharist or any sacrament being a mystery)?

Referring to the Book of Tobit: did the archangel Raphael lie to Tobit? What was the nature of that?

I have a Catholic relative who recently got married outside of the Catholic Church. How can I best continue my relationship with him, meanwhile not supporting his decision to marry outside of the Church?

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