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Open Forum

My husband and I have been visiting a prisoner in a maximum security prison who is involved in Wiccan.  He tells us he feels spirits moving around. Could there be a danger for us in visiting him? How can we help him? 

How can I talk to my Mormon in-laws about the fact that the color of their skin means that they are not practicing Mormons according to that faith belief?

Is the Spirit of Wisdom the same as the Holy Spirit?

Why can’t Christians or Catholics that are in a state of sin not receive Holy Communion? Why can’t they receive the graces?

Are there specific topics that a student is supposed to have learned at the completion of Confirmation class?

I was baptized both Catholic, as an infant, and a Mormon at 9 yrs old, and I have a good understanding of both religions. You can be anonymous within the Catholic Church, but the Mormon community is a very close knit community offering all kinds of assistance to members in need. Why don’t Catholics have this type of community?

A friend and I have been debating the legitimacy of the Catholic Church and he brings up the history of medieval times with the dishonest popes. How can I defend the Church, specifically the Pope and the leaders of the Church?

If I intentionally miss Mass on Sunday, is it correct that I should not receive Holy Communion until I go to Confession?

What is the Catholic stand on the Gnostic Gospels? How can I explain it to my Protestant friends?

Can you recommend resources I can use with my thirteen year old son who does not want to receive the sacrament of Confirmation?

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