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Open Forum

I’ve heard many conversion stories including yours and have heard of people losing friends once entering the Catholic Church. Why does this happen and how do you deal with it?

Did the second person of the Trinity always exist outside of time? Did His (Jesus’) Divine nature exist outside of His life on earth?

I am curious about the four blood moons. What is the significance?

My mother-in-law is involved in the New Age movement. What is the best way to approach her in a charitable way?

What are the seven churches that John spoke of?

Why is it that Catholics in general have not responded to the call to make motion pictures as this is a powerful medium? I don’t find that the Christian movies out there are very good. Can you comment on this?

Is there a Catholic apostolate that offers RCIA classes for truck drivers who are always on the road?

During Mass, when we say “…just say the word and I shall be forgiven”, can I go to Communion even though I have not gone to Confession?

When Jesus says, “Upon this Rock, I will build my Church and the gates of Hades shall not stand,” the Catholic Church believes the Rock refers to Peter. I disagree because the Rock refers to Peter’s statement. What is your opinion about what I am saying?

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