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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

There is Satanist convention in Oklahoma City who say they have the Eucharist. Why do Catholics not reverence the Body and Blood of Christ more the way we should?

Why do we pray for things? If God already knows.

How does church canon law stand up to civil law in court? There is currently a lawsuit about the stolen consecrated host that the Satanists have.

It is against church teaching to mail a eucharist? The bishop has control over any and all consecrated hosts in his diocese. Jimmy do you agree that the bishop has this control over the hosts? What should he do?

Peter was the oldest so that is why he is listed first in the Jewish writing style not because he was the most important. How would you defend Peter’s primacy to a fundamentalist friend. Also how do you defend “canned prayer” Hail Mary, Our Father etc. Why not just talk to God directly?

Why does the Catholic Church recognize baptism from Protestant churches?

If God does not change, then how do we account for creation? Philosophy professor asked this and I did not know how to answer.

I heard a question answered differently by different apologist’s and I am confused about it. One apologist said it was okay to bury a statue of St Joseph upside down in your yard to help sell your house, and another one said the opposite. How do you reconcile these different answers?

The Mormon’s are teaching my sister there are three distinctions between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that oppose the Trinity. Can you help me with how to explain the basis for the Trinity?

Can you explain the verse that Protestants use to justify divorce, “except for immorality”?

Is God a term for eternity? If time is not a true reality then is God just a metaphor?

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