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Open Forum

Why do people think that they need to be entertained when they go to church? It is supposed to be the sacrifice of the Mass, not entertainment. Can you expand?

Why weren’t there bishops or popes in the early Pauline churches?

What is the difference between discipline and punishment?

About Tielard DeChardin a Jesuit priest, my priest mentioned him and I want to know if he is still considered a heretic?

I am married to a non-denominational Christian. We debate about the Bible and the number of books. We have seven more books than the Protestants. How can I demonstrate that we had all the books in the Bible before 1500?

About the Trinity: Did Jesus contradict the doctrine of the Trinity in the Bible? In Matthew 19:17 and in Eph 1:17, if Jesus is co-equal to God, how can I make sense of these scriptures?

About God’s perfect foreknowledge, I know this does not  interfere with our free will, but I am wondering is there something that he does not know about who is going to heaven and hell since we make our choices?

My friend at work is on the brink of no longer going to Mass and changing to Protestant services. Can you give me some resources to help me talk to him about continuing to come to the Mass? He is 55 years old.

Why does the Catholic Church not issue Holy Matrimony certificates rather than Marriage certificate?

Are the accidents of bread and wine that are Jesus’s glorified body after the crucifixion the same as the glorified body at the transfiguration?

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