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Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin

When was the earliest occurrence of someone interpreting that Peter was not the Rock as in Matthew 16:18?

Regarding Rom 9:14-18, what is the Catholic teaching on this?

 As a single parent, is it immoral to adopt a child?

I was formerly dating a Jewish girl and am currently dating a Muslim girl. What is Catholic teaching on marrying someone of a different faith background and non-Christian in the Church?

I understand that marriages were not performed in Catholic Church until the 4th century and even priests or deacons were not required to oversee the weddings until 11-12th century. Confession takes place differently than in past times. How does this coincide with Church teaching now on the sacraments?

I have a problem with pornography. What is the best way to address this problem? I am married and my wife caught me and this was not the first time.

I was raised Protestant and was taught only one was sinless and that was Jesus. How can the Catholic Church teach that Mary was sinless?

Is there a letter in a French museum between Church officials that states, “We can’t let the people read the Bible or they will discover the truth.”?

I was debating religion with someone who told me about this and that the Catholic Church is teaching what is contrary to the Bible.

Can you explain the teaching on invincible ignorance?

My brother asked me to preside (officiate) at his wedding. Is it a lie to preside (officiate) at the wedding when I don’t believe that a lay person has the authority to do this?

In the First Testament, God chose people to deliver His message. Where are these people in this day and age? Why hasn’t God chosen someone to deliver His message to people today?

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