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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

My husband and I are struggling with our children coming back from college and wanting to move-in with their boyfriend/girlfriend? How can you reach these young people?

My husband and I were both baptized Catholic and received HC and Confirmation but then fell away from the Faith. We were both married in the Catholic Church, got divorced then got married to each other. We don’t feel welcome in the Church so should we just go to the local protestant Church?

Why should we have the saints intercede for us if the bible says the saints are dead?

I’ve been doing a lot of study/research of Catholicism, and I’m ready to convert, but my wife is not as open as I am. What do I need to do to be loving and understanding of her hesitancy?

Can you recommend a resource where I can learn more about Catholicism?

Do the people in purgatory suffer the same amount of pain as the people in hell?

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