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Open Forum

Tom Nash

An article I read said that conversion to Catholicism is not required for Tony Palmer. Pope Benedict 16 and Pope St. John Paul II have stressed in the ecumenical dialogue that conversion to Catholicism is not required for people to be saved.

Would it matter if the Holy Land is destroyed by war? How does that affect the second coming of Christ? Will the new heaven and new earth begin?

Is Fr. Nicholas Gruner defrocked? Did Sr. Lucia say that the Pope has consecrated Russia to Mary? If Fr. Nicholas Gruner is defrocked why did Pope St. John Paul II give him a Papal blessing on paper? 

Wisdom 8:19-20, Does this prove the preexistence of the soul and destroy the doctrine of original sin?

Are we supposed to be trying to become saints? I am a good person and I want to be a good person, but I don’t feel called to be a saint.

The perpetual virginity of Mary, wouldn’t the marriage have to consummated for the marriage to be legal?

I have returned to the Church and my sister-in law is Catholic too, but she tells me and everyone that she disagrees with church on most topics including abortion, marriage, etc. but she claims to be Catholic still. How can I respond to her?

Basically, what was Vatican II all about? I used to be Catholic and now I am Eastern Orthodox. I liked the reverence of the church before Vatican II

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