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Open Forum

Someone said that there is no official list of infallible teachings, so how do we know what is and isn’t one? If we don’t know then can one contradict another?

In the bible it says that when you go to Heaven there is no tears or sorrow. So why do Jesus and Mary cry or feel sorrow?

If I am in Heaven and Heaven is described as paradise, what happens to my friends who don’t go to heaven? Will I feel bad in heaven for them?

I was told that to make the sign of the cross you can only use your right hand and you have to cross from left to right. Is that true and where can I look it up? I was also told that genuflect with the right knee?

I see lay people around mass doing orans position and I was wondering if you could tell me if that is okay?

I have a very dear friend who is catholic and she is dating a man who is divorced and they are having sex and taking communion. I am worried about her soul, is what they are doing mortal sin?

There is a very anti-Catholic preacher at my school who preaches in public, how do I respond to him? 

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