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Open Forum

I have been asked by a lapsed catholic to be god-father to his baby. He now attends an Episcopal church and will be raising his baby protestant. What is some insight you can give me?

How do we know that Pope Francis today has the same authority as Jesus gave St Peter? How does it pass from pope to pope?

Pope Francis release Evangelium Gaudium several months ago and I was wondering if there is going to be a release in Latin? Why is it taking so long because papal documents do not normally take that long.

I have a friend that was in the battle field, and he said that a person can get confession from anyone. Is that true in those circumstances?

On one of your shows a woman called and didn’t understand why she could not get married because she was unable to have intercourse. And in CA magazine there is another explanation, and Father Hardon catholic dictionary has yet another explanation, can you please clarify it for me?

Who is Hesychius? I see his name everywhere when I see the liturgy of the hours.

Will the Vatican ever allow deacons to administer last rites because of the priest shortage?

I have a question relating to the marriage question earlier. Are an elderly couple who need companionship but are not married able to live together? There is no sexual relations since they cannot but still want to live together. What is the church teaching on that?  

Is being gay grounds for annulment? A person has been married for 30 years but he was gay prior to getting married.

Does one become fixed for good or evil? I read that in a CA book by Jason Evert.

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