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Open Forum

What do I do about the Call to Action (dissenting Catholic group) National Conference in Memphis in November? Should I organize a peaceful protest or let our bishop know in order to inform faithful Catholics?

 What can the laity do about the on-going sexual abuse scandals? Can the laity hold the bishop to account?

 As a Catholic, what would you believe to be the key to happiness in our earthly life?

When people ask me about why evil still exists in the world, I like to use an analogy to explain, but I need to know if it’s a good analogy. I say that when the marines invaded the Pacific Islands and captured their target, they would declare that they won the battle even though they didn’t capture everybody. What would be a good way to explain?

I would like some clarification about the passage in CCC 841 (Catholic Church’s relationship with Muslims). It seems like the Catechism is saying Muslims will be saved.

How do we know that the Early Church believed that Jesus was a human and not a spirit?

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