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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

By what criteria does the church determine how to interpret scripture? (For example how do we know whether the six days of creation is literal or not?) I wonder about the infallibility of church decisions when they seem different from what scripture says when I read it.

I bought a rosary, St. Benedict and I had it blessed and it had a defect on the crucifix so I had the crucifix replaced by one that had already been blessed. Does the entire rosary have to be blessed again?

I have a dear Baptist friend who visits me and goes to Mass with me. She asked why she cannot receive the Eucharist. I asked her about her belief about the body and blood of Christ. She believes it is Christ’s body and blood. Her pastor prays over the bread.

Was Jesus’ humanity created? I understand his divinity is from eternity, but what about his humanity?

What are the scriptural arguments against homosexuality? I know the mainstream arguments and I want to know more about some arguments that refute the main arguments. Some modern interpretations question whether it is a sin at all.

My question is about salvation. If a person raised Catholic and leaves the church will they be saved if they die? I am concerned about a friend.

Please clarify my confusion about the real physical Presence in the Eucharist as opposed sacramental presence. A priest told me that we do not believe we consume the physical body, only the sacramental presence. I go to a Latin church.

Why do Catholics baptize children as babies when other denominations wait for the person to make a choice?

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