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Open Forum

Why doesn’t the Catholic Church allow for married priests when St. Paul (in Timothy) referenced to priests being married?

Why is it better to be Catholic than Orthodox? It seems like a matter of opinion. 

How do we justify celebrating Christmas when people claim that it has pagan roots?

I am poor and a have a friend who is kind enough to pay for a cruise for me to go on, and also my flight to get there. I’m not sure if I should go since I don’t have what she has and I am embarrassed. Is it pride or embarrassment that I am afraid of taking it?

 How long should a person spend in the confessional? Are there any rules and guidelines on that to make sure everyone get through the line?

 Is John the Baptist the last prophet?

 Why is it that some verses are different in different versions of the Bible? 

What is the difference between the time in the Mass vs. time experienced in the real world?

I have Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to my house and I can’t answer one question they have. They claim that in the Old Testament, when God refers to Himself as “we,” He was referring to Himself and St. Michael. How do I tell them they’re wrong?

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