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Open Forum

What does it mean when Bible experts say the Bible is written in three ways one of which is anagogical. Can you give me an example of a passage that is written with an anagogical meaning?

How do I explain the fullness of the Catholic faith to someone who is a fallen away Catholic who is attending a Protestant church?

How to translate “KoKeriKomenai”- Greek, How to explain this to a catechumen. Highly favored one or full of Grace?

My husband and I were married out of the Church. We both went to RCIA at separate times and both received communion. We now realize that our marriage was not addressed at all. Should we continue to receive communion and should we continue to participate in church activities in youth formation.

Do military Catholic churches have RCIA programs that I can attend to enter the church fully. I am shipping out for basic training next Monday

A friend 18 yrs. old told me he doesn’t believe in the Scriptures. How can I help him to believe that the Scriptures are the truth?

Why hasn’t the Catholic Church done something about “bad Catholic politicians.” Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, etc., Can’t they be excommunicated or denied the Eucharist?

Is it valid to view baptism as the new covenant replacement for circumcision?

At what point do you “throw in the towel” when debating with an atheist? Is there a point when you should just quit?

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