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Open Forum

What is the origin of the Nephilim verses 1-4 chapter 6 Genesis?

What is the ability of one Christian to baptize another Christian? Not Catholicism specifically, but just to bring someone into the faith.

I am a Lifelong Catholic, and I have heard about Mary as co-redemptrix because of her crucial role in bringing about the redemption, but what about Joseph and others who were also equally instrumental in bringing about redemption. What is the reason for that title being applied only to Mary?

What is the correct posture during the “Our Father” in Mass?

Rhoda Wise is up for sainthood. When Rhoda was alive she always asked others to pray to St. Therese, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Even today at her house EWTN encourages the prayers to the Little Flower and Jesus, so how does this effect her cause for sainthood?

Marriage between a Catholic and a Protestant. Will the Catholic person still be able to receive the sacraments?

Which process does the Church use to determine which commandments to still consider valid? Which ones are literal and which ones are more poetic? For example: Leviticus vs. Jesus’s words about cutting off your hand

Do you have some resources to help me with the definition of what it means to be a man today?

Can a woman become a Cardinal?

Who conducts the Black Mass? Do they really desecrate the Eucharist and how do they get one? Last week on the news on EWTN in Oklahoma they were talking about a Black Mass to be held in future.

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