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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

I have a strong devotion to St. Philomena and I was wondering if this is okay due to controversy surrounding her? I heard that there is no historical proof of her existence. I know that the Catholic Encyclopedia also suggests that she may not have existed.

 I was wondering about the change of the Eucharistic prayer in the New Missal. Why does the priest say “This is the cup of my blood…it will be shed for you and for many” instead of saying “all” like it did before?

 Peter says in 1 Peter 5 that he is an eye witness of Jesus’s Passion, but in the Gospel he denied Christ and ran away. How do we reconcile his claim that he was present there and witnessed the Passion? It seems like a contradiction in the Bible.

The Gospels said that the apostles had wives, and I heard that the pope is considering allowing priests to get married. Are they really considering that?

I am wondering what is it about Islam that is causing so many people to convert?

 I saw an internet article that says there are DNA research that says Khazarian Jews are not descendants of the ancient Israelites. Is this valid and does it affect our faith?

 How do I approach debates with Fundamentalists who are so caught up on literal interpretations of the Bible? How do I address the missing books in the Protestant Bibles? 

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