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Open Forum

There is a website called locutions.org. Have you heard about it and what do you think of it? I’d like to know if the messages are legitimate.

How do you inspire somebody to pursue truth? I have a friend who claims that he has studied philosophy for many years and isn’t interested in finding absolute truth. What are some logical arguments I can use to start these conversations with him?

How can I intelligently explain to a non-Catholic friend that Jesus gives authority to priests to consecrate the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of our Lord?

I know we are supposed to judge the acts and not people. Is it appropriate to say that there are evil in the world? I’m trying to explain this idea to my children and want to know what is appropriate to teach them at such a young age. My children are 5 and 3 yrs. old.

I have a niece who has chosen not to get married and instead chose to get pregnant from a sperm donor. I know the Church condemns this, but how can I support her? I spoke against it and I was wondering if this is what Jesus meant when Jesus said He came to turn father against son, etc. Where do we draw the line between support and speaking the truth?

I was wondering what the Church teaches about the Sabbatine privilege of the brown scapular. Is it valid?

I was wondering about the role of works in salvation, because we don’t believe we can earn our way into heaven.

I am vegan and my understanding of Genesis is that we are supposed to live off the fruit and grain of the Earth and we shouldn’t kill animals. I’d like some more clarity in that and what was God’s original intention, even though eating meat is accepted in modern times.

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