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During the consecration it says that Jesus blessed the bread. What was that blessing?

During the Catholic wedding ceremony couples promise to raise their children as Catholics. But so many couples don’t do this. How do I approach a couple who is not being faithful to their promise to raise their children Catholic?

I’ve heard that some congressmen are trying to make a bill that will nullify the Hobby Lobby decision. How can we get the word out to get people engaged about this?

Is it a mortal sin to receive Communion without fasting for one hour?

I hear so many conflicting views about whether Catholics can go to certain weddings or not. I just want clarification on whether those decisions are left to individual prudential judgment or if there is an official Church teaching on this.

People say we don’t know when Christ will come back. But the scripture has information on certain signs that must occur so we can know when he is returning.

What is your take on the status of Von Balthasar? I’ve heard varying opinions about his orthodoxy.

My brother is getting married by a priest of the New American Catholic Church. I’m really going to rock the boat if I don’t go but I don’t think I should. What do you think I should do?

I am applying for an accounting position at a company that does medical research. They do some unethical studies on contraception. Can I take this job?

I am in a group for divorced women. Recently a priest told a woman in our group that it was okay for her to date before she receives an annulment. The priest says he can’t talk to us about it and the bishop has not responded to our letter about it. What do we do now?

Are DREs part of the magisterium?

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