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Open Forum

Does Jesus have a body?

Am I right in saying that the Catechism says that faith is not just belief but also adherence to belief?

How does the pope decide if a statement is infallible?

Is there any difference between Jesus before and after the crucifixion? Are both the Second Person of the Trinity?

Why did Jesus curse the fig tree? What does that teach us?

My son is getting married to a non-Catholic. My father won’t attend the wedding because they are getting married in a non-Catholic church. A priest told my son to go ahead and get married in the non-Catholic church, and then come back and the priest will bless the marriage. Is my father right in not attending?

What was the sin of Ham? I’ve heard some scholars say that it could possibly be maternal incest?

Is there scriptural evidence of the apostles using their authority to forgive sins? Also, how do we know that this is an authority that can be passed on (unlike their ability to perform miracles)?

I’ve heard that the book “How Jesus Became God” by Bart Ehrman claims that the gospels are not written by the apostles and the whole story is made up. How can we refute this?

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