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Pro-Life Open Forum

Does an unborn person have a right to use the mother’s body without her consent?

I agree with the Catholic Church teaching on life, but I have trouble with the question of infertility and in vitro fertilization. My mother had problems conceiving for seven years and her doctor recommended in vitro fertilization. With the intention of producing life, is IVF considered morally justified?  I was born via IVF.

I am a 54 year old woman who is Catholic and am having an Ablation procedure for health reasons. Is this okay in regard to Catholic teaching?

My sister in Singapore has been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and has been prescribed medication for this condition so that she can conceive. This medication is also a type of birth control pill. Is there any other medication or treatment for her?

I am a lawyer who sometimes deals with end of life issues. Can you recommend any good resources for me so that I can draft the documentation for Catholics in line with Catholic teaching?

My wife and I are trying to conceive and have been using ovulation tests to check her fertility. Is that okay?

My brother believes it’s okay to terminate a pregnancy as long as the embryo is not viable. How do I refute his argument?

What alternatives are out there for treating women’s health issues that don’t cross the ethical boundaries that the Catholic Church has established?

Is there such a thing as a birth control pill for lactating mothers?

I am on medication for depression and anxiety. My first child is a special needs child. Is it okay to use protection during intercourse?

Can we impress upon pro-lifers the need to change the language from a potential human being to actual human being?

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