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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Is transubstantiation valid in any other church outside of the Catholic Church?

I was wondering what the point is of suffering here on earth? Does it take away from your sins? Does it get you to heaven earlier?

 We come from a very big family and there is a lot of healing that we need. I read a book by Bob Larson who says we can go to him for healing from generational curse. Is that okay? Or how else can we receive healing from our family problems?

Is the use of contraception a sin? How do we speak about this with people who are pro-life but are okay with contraception?

In Matt 10, what was the geographical mission of the apostles? It seems like Jesus was telling them to only preach to the Jews. This seems confusing to me.

I am not clear on the Catholic teaching of the trinity. If heaven opens up, what will we see? Three persons or one God?

How we can pray for people who have passed away and have not accepted salvation?

Our 35 yr. old son just told us he is going to marry another man. We are faithful Catholics and I think it is wrong for us to go to the wedding. My husband thinks we should go. What is the church’s stance on that?

I’m a new Catholic (from being Evangelical) and I don’t understand what the New Evangelization is. My understanding is that now I have a mediated faith, being part of the Church. Do Catholics go around telling people about Jesus like Evangelicals do?

I have recently left my abusive husband and I want to know if I am currently in a state of sin because the Church does not approve of divorce. I’d also like to get resources for support for people like me so we do not put ourselves in a state of sin.

 How do I weigh out Catholic principals when I’m voting? How do I discern which issues are more important than others? 

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