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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

How do Catholics and Protestants differ in their interpretation of why Jesus died?

If we eat the Eucharist doesn’t that make us cannibals?

Does the tabernacle require a light? Does it have to be a candle light? Do they have to be close to the altar?

A friend who agrees that NFP can be a good option, but he also believes that birth control is not necessarily sinful. How can I respond to him?

My brothers are Baptist pastors who believe in once saved always saved. How can I explain that one can lose their salvation?

Someone on the internet says that early manuscripts don’t say that Jesus said to baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but in his name. Is that true? How do we respond to the claim that gospels contradict because one says that only Peter went to the tomb, and another says Peter went with the beloved disciple?

What does the pope mean by his quote today: “It is impossible for anyone to be a Christian without belonging to his Church”?

I’ve been away from the church for a few years and know I need to come back. I know I need to go to confession, but I feel like I’m not sorry enough for my sins.

Why was King Ahab spared God’s wrath but it was passed to his sons for seven generations?

How can we overcome the difficulties involved when we try to evangelize someone who has been divorced and remarried?

Does the Church have a definitive doctrine on whether Purgatory is a place or a state? Will there be literal fire?

I feed the homeless and would like to start evangelizing them. But I’m worried that if I invite them to church they won’t be welcomed. Do you have any advice?

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