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Open Forum

What does “fear of the Lord” mean? I have trouble with that because I think of the Lord as my friend.

How do the Jehovah’s Witnesses justify translating “this is my body” to “this means my body.” How do their Biblical translations compare with other non-Trinitarian churches?

How do answer someone who uses 1 Cor 4:6 to argue for sola scriptura?

What is the use of praying if God already knows what we are about to ask?

Does a Mormon baptism invalidate a previous Protestant baptism? How do we respond to someone to says they believe in God, and even accept Jesus as Christ, but they just don’t want to submit to any authority?

What translation of the Bible should I read? I received a RSV and wanted to know if that is a good translation.

My Orthodox friend points to the document Dictatus Papae by Gregory VII to disprove papal infallibility. In paragraph 23 it sounds like he is saying all popes will be saints. How do I refute him?

How do I explain to a Muslim that even though we are Trinitarian we are still monotheistic?

Is it true that if you go to confession within two weeks of Easter then all your purgatory time is erased?

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