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I have a relative who is older and has some dementia. When I take her to Mass she receives communion, but she is not Catholic. She says it is okay because she was baptized Armenian Orthodox.

A co-worker said Christians can’t be considered persecuted in the U.S. because they are the majority. What do you think of this?

How do I respond to my Protestant friend’s claim that the King James Bible is the only one we should use? He also says that the Vatican and Catholic Answers promote bible versions that have missing verses.

If Jesus got so angry when people were selling things in the temple, why do we sell things in the foyers of churches?

What is Western Rite Orthodoxy and how does it differ from Eastern Rite Orthodoxy? And how is the Anglican Church in America uniting with it? Are we allowed to participate in their services?

Matthew 1:25 says Mary was a virgin “until” she gave birth; wouldn’t this imply that she didn’t remain a virgin? Why is Mary’s virginity important?

My mom wants to be cremated and sprinkled in her backyard when she dies. Can I honor her request when the time comes? 

Is there a Bible translation that says “full of grace” instead of “highly favored one”?

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