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Open Forum

How do the imprimatur and nihil obstat relate to the Church’s infallibility?

What exactly is the New Age movement, and how can I explain why it’s contrary to Catholicism?

Can you give me some practical advice on evangelizing non-Catholics in the workplace?

Given the instructions in the Vatican II documents on the liturgy, how much should Latin and chant be included in the Mass today?

I know a Catholic must go to confession. But if I go directly to God instead of a priest, does it count, or do I always have to a priest?

Why is the Catholic Church against freemasonry?

What is the best English Bible version for study that doesn’t get too in depth, as in going the Greek?

Are there various forms of the word “justified” in scripture? Specifically, do James 2:24, Matthew 12:37 and Romans 3:28 use the word “justified” in the same sense?

What is the role of a Catholic in this post-modern culture?

At the Holy Thursday liturgy can only priests wash feet? Also can I go to the wedding reception, and not the wedding itself, of two Catholics getting married outside the Church?

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