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Pro-Life Open Forum

I saw a group of people on the way to work this morning with posters of aborted babies and I didn’t quite know how to react. What is your opinion about this?

How often is TPN brought up for people with acute or chronic illness? Why isn’t it brought up more?

If a woman has a corneal pregnancy and the baby develops outside the uterus, and poses a threat to mom’s life; do the doctors have to remove the entire uterus?

How do you feel about the multiple tests, sometimes as many as 25, specifically heart ultrasounds, given to a pregnant woman before she can be a patient of a particular doctor?

A relative had a brain injury and suffered a stroke with 12% brain activity after the stroke. My relatives took him off life support and he immediately passed away. What is the Church’s position on this? I struggled with all this.

Should a woman be open to a future pregnancy if it will cause severe hemorrhaging after delivery and may require a hysterectomy? These people are considering sterilization. What other options does she have?

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