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I don’t understand the notion of patron saints. Can you help? And is there a patron saint of someone who struggles with same-sex attraction?

Nine years ago I disconnected my mother from life support. I was so distraught at her suffering. Did I do wrong?

I’m Roman Catholic. Am I allowed to go to a Byzantine Mass? What about an Eastern Orthodox Mass? Also, I read “Dressing with Dignity” but it seems kind of old; are there any updated guidelines for dressing modestly?

How can I help my college student daughter who is questioning her faith because of her friendship with a Mormon?

My sister-in-law is going to see the Long Island Medium tonight because she wants to reconnect with a child she lost when he was 18 months old. How can I explain to her that this is not okay? She thinks its okay because the medium is Catholic.

I’m a Protestant. It seems like some Catholics think Protestants can’t go to heaven. Does the Catholic Church teach that Protestants can go to heaven?

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