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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Is it true that Augustine believed in predestination? If so, why is Calvin a heretic and Augustine a saint?

What are some arguments for why the Catholic Church is opposed to active euthanasia?

Is Jesus a descendant of Abraham?

Why did the Church need the Second Vatican Council?

Who wrote Hebrews?

Can I have a Mass said for a non-Catholic, and possibly a non-Christian, who has died?

I know someone who was declared brain dead. They continued giving him morphine, but they shut down his respiratory system and removed nutrition and hydration. Isn’t this euthanasia?

In Romans 9 Paul seems to tell us that Jesus has specifically chosen some people for salvation. How does this relate to the doctrine of predestination?

Does the Church prefer receiving communion in the hand or on the tongue?

Earlier you mentioned the intentions of Vatican II. Did the evangelization that was supposed to result from the council actually happen? Why or why not?

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