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Open Forum

What are the requirements for a Catholic to marry a non-Catholic in the Catholic Church?

My non-Catholic friend has been married for ten years, but they have no children. Would it be appropriate for me to suggest they stop contraception and have children, even though they are not married in the Catholic Church?

If we baptize babies, why do adults have to go through a bunch of preparation to get baptized?

How do I relate to my friends with same sex attraction that I had before I became Catholic?

Can I go to a Protestant Bible study? They use a bible called The Green Bible, and anything scripture that has to do with the environment is printed in green.

What is the best way to evangelize my Japanese daughter-in-law? She was raised in the Shinto tradition.

Why is it okay for someone with a vasectomy to continue to have relations with his wife, but it is sinful for a divorced and remarried person to have relations with his new wife?

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