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Open Forum

Tom Nash

What does 1 Tim 2:5 refer to? If there is one mediator then why do we pray to saints?

Why does the Latin Vulgate translate the Our Father as “give us this day our super substantial bread”?

What are the stages of spiritual growth? And what resources are available for those in the advanced stage? I feel like so many resources are for beginners.

How do we respond to a Mormon who, despite your arguments that he can’t answer, says it doesn’t matter because he knows in his heart that Mormonism is true?

Is grace’s efficacy dependent on one’s knowledge of the grace?

In the Mass is it optional or required for the priest to say before Communion, “May the body and blood of our Lord bring us to everlasting life”?

People say they are baptized “Lutheran” or “Methodist” or whatever denomination. But since their baptisms are sacramental and there is only one baptism, wouldn’t they be baptized “Catholic” in a sense?

Would Jeremiah 17:9 and 1 John 4:6 be helpful passages in responding to Mormon claims?

In the Mass when we proclaim the mystery of faith, why are the three options different from each other?

Is it ever permissible to dance in a Catholic Church with the Blessed Sacrament present, outside of the liturgy?

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