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Open Forum

My brother is getting married this weekend. My brother is open to NFP but his fiancée is open to taking contraceptives, especially on the wedding night. What is my duty in this situation? How and should I approach her?

I’ve been talking to a Seventh Day Adventist  who has been downplaying Sunday as the Lord’s Day. Based on Col. 2:12 is there a connection between baptism and Sunday as the Lord’s Day?

Did Benedict XVI say that Luther was correct in his teaching that one can be saved by “faith alone” if the believer was open to love?

Was John the Baptist dispensed of Original sin at the moment of the visitation? Is this Church dogma? If so, where did this belief come from?

What does the bible tell us about people who struggle with emotional problems?

Did Jesus literally mean his flesh and his blood when he said “Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood…”?

Is it okay to support the Eastern Orthodox liturgy? I watched a video of the liturgy and I’m not sure if I’m missing some heretical aspect of it.  

How and who made the decision to include those particular books in the Septuagint?

Jimmy said we can go to Eastern Orthodox Liturgies to get the experience. Does the same hold true for attending SSPX Mass?

What is dispensationalism?

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