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Open Forum

Does someone have to be in a state of grace to receive communion?

How do you distinguish between “Catholic” and “Roman Catholic”?

In the USCCB document, Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration: A Catholic perspective on crime and criminal justice (Nov 15, 2000), there is a footnote (#36) that says eventually handguns should be eliminated from our society. Does this mean that Catholics must support gun control laws?

I believe in purgatory, but I also believe that at absolution Jesus forgives and forgets our sins. Am I missing something here?

What are we to make of the theological speculation that all men might possibly be saved? It seems contrary to the gospels and approved Marian apparitions.

There is a documentary called Isaiah 9:10 that claims the USA is about to come under God’s wrath just like Israel did in Isaiah 9:10 after a battle with the Assyrians. How much can we take Old Testament stories and apply them as prophesies for today?

My uncle recently died in a car accident, and the funeral is going to be a masonic service. Can a Catholic attend this?

What’s the story with Medjugorje? Is it approved?

Why did God make hurricanes and tornadoes?

Jimmy, what did you mean by knowing “the true God” rather than just being monotheistic? And what is the difference between adoration and veneration?

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