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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

What prayers would Mary have prayed during her lifetime, especially at the end of Jesus’ life?

I understand that the Last Judgment is a second judgment; what is there to judge if we will have already been judged?

What is the difference between a metropolitan archbishop and a regular archbishop?

Was there just one single Septuagint canon in the first century AD?

How can we prove that Jesus actually existed?

Can we assume that during Jesus’ life he would have catechized Mary?

I understand that some priests don’t have faculties to perform marriages. What priests do or don’t have these faculties (i.e. Eastern Orthodox, SSPX, non-Catholic priests)?

Why do people have to light candles to pray to God?

How can I answer or refute my co-worker who says that Christianity only spreads through force?

How do you think texting is affecting our social interaction?

Pope Francis instructed that people should say that we don’t want a global economic system that hurts people. How can we do this?

Should extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist be giving blessings during communion?

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