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Pro-Life Open forum

If abortion is so right, how is it healthy when nobody wants to look at the face of abortion? 

I am practicing NFP Naprotechnology, if the doctor prescribes letrozole and my body does not respond to that, what can I do?

When a woman loses a baby involuntarily in a miscarriage, people refer to her loss as a baby. When a woman has an abortion, people refer to baby as a fetus or embryo. Why?

Do you think there are so many people who are pro-choice because they don’t believe the baby to be a life in the embryo and fetal stage?

My husband and I are having fertility problems and the doctor has told us my husband has low sperm morphology. Is there anything that can be done to improve that?

How do we cope with both sides of pro-life and pro-choice issue?

I lost my mom two months ago and when the doctors say it’s time for palliative care, how do you know that it is time?

My sister got pregnant and her water broke at six months. The doctors gave baby little chance of survival due to loss of fluid. She had an abortion. She is Catholic. I never asked her if doctors told her to abort the baby. If they had told her to have an abortion, would that have been a mortal sin in her life?

My husband has been fighting with gender identity and has started taking hormones. What can we do to help him fight this tendency? What is my obligation to the marriage?

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