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If a Catholic man wants to join the Free Mason, what is the Church’s stance on the organization?

 In a discussion on the immorality of contraception, I was asked how this is different from someone who needs a heart transplant. With respect to God’s will, why isn’t getting a transplant going against God’s will for you, but contraception is viewed as going against God’s will.

Can you explain the symbolism of fire when speaking of the Holy Spirit?

Since the Bible says our body is a temple, is it sinful to get tattoos?

Do you have any good references or sites for family retreats?

I have a Protestant friend who says the Catholic Church was afraid of breaking the biblical second commandment of not worshipping idols, and as a result changed the second commandment to you shall not use the Lord’s name in vain. Is this true? What is the true second commandment?

I am a convert to the faith and still learning of Fatima. I am reading a book, False Friends of Fatima, and it claims some cardinals and bishops are trying to cover up the message of Fatima. I would like an opinion from a third party.

Is the practice of having the children leave the rest of the congregation for their own “children’s liturgy” during Mass a valid practice? If not a valid practice, is this something that should be brought up to my bishop’s attention?

I know that Jehovah’s Witnesses do not take certain medications or vaccinations, but this is not prohibited by the Christian faith. Is it sinful, or does it affect our morality, if we do not take substances prescribed for our health by a doctor?

Where can I find references of purgatory in the Bible? Secondly, with the proliferation of so many Christian sects and the minor arguments that separate us, is this not the devil’s work battling our spiritual warfare?

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