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My parish is participating in 33 Days to Morning Glory. One of the ladies in my group is really upset at the idea that the Holy Spirit only acts through our Lady. She feels this limits God. Can you help me explain this to her?

My mother is dying, currently in hospice. She is receiving her sacrament of the sick and we pray the Divine Mercy chaplet over her. I feel that she is not able to sin, due to her condition, but I am concerned for her soul. What will the fight be for my mom’s soul?

Why do we not venerate fathers in the Old Testament as saints (for example St Moses)?

My young son asked me what 2 miracles were declared to canonize St Pope John Paul II. Also, what were the relics of St Pope John XXIII used during the canonization Mass?

Do you find it concerning that only 2 popes have been canonized in the past 500 years, and now recently we just canonized 2 more and beatified another? Are we essentially canonizing Vatican II?

Why should goodness be a motivation to be a Catholic?

Is celibacy a dogma or a discipline? I say that it is a discipline, but some in my Catholic discussion group disagree with me. I am curious of your thoughts.

Some friends of mine say that since Gandhi was not a Christian, so he went to hell. But I feel that he lived a very Christian life. What are your thoughts? What does the Church teach?

Tielhard de Chardin was a very biased priest and influenced a lot of New Age ideology. I was hoping to discuss his ideas with you.

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