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Open Forum

Life Decisions International released a boycott list and I am curious what my responsibilities are as a Catholic?

My diocese has asked me to man a booth at Life Fest to answer non-Catholic Christian questions. I have studied apologetics. Do you have any practical applications that I can put to use that were helpful to you in getting started?

Since we are sinful beings by nature, what is the best way to glorify the Lord?

I will be hiking abroad and there are not many churches around the area. I am certain I will be missing a few Sunday masses. What can/should I do?

I have had 3 abortions. I am working with my priest to prepare for my first confession. He asked how many abortions I have had, and I told him only 1, since I was so ashamed. I feel awful that I lied to him and I am fearful of him despising me. I have made many mistakes in my life and I don’t see how he can speak to me again once I confess to him. Can you please give me some guidance?

In regards to free will and heaven, how is it possible for angels to sin?

After cremation, the remains are meant to be treated in a special manner. How is it that we have bone relics of saints that travel around, rather than being properly stored/kept safe?

Catholic apologists often reference church fathers when talking about doctrines. What happens when I encounter church fathers that oppose central Catholic teachings? Secondly, I understand that Augustine confirmed limited atonement. Is this true?

If a sanctified host was used during a black mass, does it continue to be a consecrated host, since holiness and evil cannot coexist?

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