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Open Forum

How do we reconcile Peter as “the Rock”, and Jesus as the cornerstone that the builders rejected?

What do you think about Henry Chadwick’s book The Early Church?

Will you help me understand the acronyms of Catholics within the Catholic Church. For example SSPX vs FSSP? Which societies are okay and which ones are not?

I’m getting divorced. How should I proceed in living my Catholic Faith?

Will you comment on Justin Trudeau’s recent announced that he won’t be allowing anyone in his liberal party who is anti-abortion.

Please clarify the wording in Genesis 6:7 – “God repented making man.” Does this mean that God really repented or is this just a translation issue?

Is it beneficial to try to talk about homosexual marriage to people who are not Christian?

I’m part of the Anglican Church and we call ourselves the Anglo Catholic Church. What does the Catholic Church think about that?

Eternal damnation in hell for a single act seems unusually cruel? Why is God so cruel?

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