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Open Forum

My husband and I recently pre-arranged our funerals. I requested that my ashes be spread over the ocean, but then I heard the Church doesn’t allow this. Can I not be buried at sea?

Did Mary contribute any DNA to Jesus?

Regarding head coverings: just because the 1983 code doesn’t mention head coverings doesn’t mean that the previous requirement is not required anymore.

Why do Protestant bibles translate John 3:16 as Jesus came that they “will” have eternal life, and Catholic bibles say “might” have eternal life.

What is the official church teaching about whether or not we can believe there might not be people in hell?

I think I heard Patrick Madrid say that you have to go to God before you go to a priest for confession. What might he have meant by that?

I’m trying to understand transubstantiation and the Eucharist. Is there a hypostatic union with the Eucharist?

Do you think that woman might have thought that the Immaculate Conception was Jesus’ conception instead of Mary’s? Can you clarify that?

Isn’t it dangerous to infer scientific information from the Bible?

In images of Jesus, is there significance to him having a part in his beard?

How do we respond to the idea of “once saved always saved”? 


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