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Open Forum

In the case of twins in utero, are there two souls in one body before they have split into two bodies?

Why does the quotation from the Septuagint in the Book of Hebrews have a discrepancy in the text, “My ears you have pierced”? What about worshipping on the Sabbath in the Book of Hebrews?

When evangelicals use the phrase “I have favor”, what is the church’s teaching on an individual having favor with God? How would you respond?

When people ask for my opinion on Pope Francis, what is the best way to answer them as a good Segway to evangelization?

Is there a way to show an atheist proof of God’s existence through miracles from the past?

Why is Mexico not equally condemned for defending the southern border? As another example, why is Mexico not condemned by the Church for not respecting the dignity of its own people?

When Jesus died on the cross and the veil of the temple was torn, what did that truly signify?

A friend has expressed interest in the RCIA program, but, in the meantime, he is already receiving the Eucharist at Mass. What is the best way to explain why he cannot participate in Holy Communion until he is received into the Church?

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