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Open Forum

Is it considered a mortal sin if Catholic parents have a child to be baptized and one of the parents prefers the child to make the decision about baptism when he or she grows up?

Are you familiar with the Broken Window analogy to Purgatory? How can I respond to the counter argument?

If someone you know has passed on to the next life, can you pray to God through him or her for intercession or do they have to be declared a saint through the Church first? Very hard work conforms to the Will of God according to the encyclical “Gaudium et Spes”, so does that mean that people who work so hard and have a heart attack because of the hard work still conform to the Will of God?

In the Gospel of John, Mary is referred to as “Woman” at the wedding at Cana and again at the Cross. Jesus also refers to Mary Magdalene at the tomb as “Woman”. What is the context of Christ using that word in the same way with the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene?

How does the Church actually execute the excommunication of someone?

Why are the statues and the crucifix covered during the last week of Lent?

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