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Open Forum

My daughter is about to receive her first communion. She doesn’t want to receive because she is not sure she believes in the real presence. Should she go through with first communion?

Regarding the conditions for a plenary indulgence, what does it mean that one must be completely detached from venial sin?

I was baptized Catholic as a child but I’ve never had communion. How important is it to get first communion?

Do you have to go to church to receive communion?

My sister and her husband left the Catholic Church, joined a succession of different Protestant churches, and recently became Mormon. How come smart people sometimes leave the faith? And how can I convince them to return to the Catholic Church?

I’m getting married and I want to be a stay at home mom. But if we do that we could only afford to send two or three kids to Catholic school. Is it better to have less children and have them receive Catholic education, or have more children without Catholic education?

My wife and I are expecting a baby. If we have the baptism soon after birth then not many people could attend. Is there anything wrong with delaying the baptism a while so that extended family can attend?

I am coming into the Catholic Church this Easter vigil. I received an annulment so we could get our marriage convalidated. But then he changed his mind and doesn’t want us to be married in the Catholic Church. I was told we need to get a sanatio in radice. Is that true? What is the current status of my marriage?

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