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I am about to read the book Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly. Is there anything in the book that I should be cautious of?

 The manuscripts we get the Bible from were written years after the “author” died. How do we know that the Bible is inspired?

My girlfriend has a lot of difficulty with the idea, “once saved, always saved”. Can you recommend some resources to help me with this discussion with her?

I was told in my RCIA class that the Protoevangelium is false (St. Joseph was never married, never a widow). I am confused of the validity of this.

Can you find evidence of the 10 plagues in Egypt outside of the Bible?

Can we use the word “venerate” in reference to the blessed mother?

Why do Catholics consider aspects of history unrelated to the Bible as secular history?

When does Lent officially end?

What is the church teaching about what is considered work and non-work on Sundays?

What does the Church teach about being equally yoked in reference to a Catholic marrying a non-Catholic?

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